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Rachel Hogan Carr

Rachel Hogan Carr is secretary of Easton Hotel Restoration LLC, as well as a senior level employee of its parent, the Nurture Nature Foundation (NNF). Carr also serves on the board of directors and is Executive Director of NNF’s sister nonprofit, the Nurture Nature Center, Inc.

Carr’s involvement with Easton Hotel Restoration dates back over a decade, to the period when EHR first began renovating the deteriorated and abandoned Hotel Easton. At the time, she was not employed by NNF nor did she have any formal position with EHR, although she had a long involvement in nonprofit work and civic involvement in the City of Easton. Her intelligence and dedication to the community impressed NNF’s board and she began work for it in 2007 and became an officer of its subsidiary, EHR, in May 2008. During the same period, she helped found Nurture Nature Center, which also enjoyed great success in the following years.

Carr’s contribution to EHR was invaluable during the difficult period when the intial condominum project seemed to be failing and the building’s future was uncertain. During that period, Carr’s thoughtful guidance and hard work, together with her skills in dealing with people and well deserved reputation in the community, helped the company navigate its way to a new beginning. Today, Carr continues to find ways of helping EHR and is a tremendous asset to the comparny, who brings to bear her extensive knowledge of Easton and her close ties to those who live in it.

Carr’s award-winning work at NNC, for which she has first line leadership responsibility, is described on its website (NNC). Before she began her work with EHR, NNF and NNC, Carr worked for Northampton County Communities That Care® (ProJeCt of Easton), which is dedicated to helping under-served populations in Easton. Carr has always played an important role in a wide range of civic activities as well. She served as Chair of Education and Marketing for the Easton Environmental Advisory Council, and as Vice Chair of the City of Easton Home Rule Charter Government Study Commission. She was co- founder of and led the Downtown Neighborhood Association in Easton, which organized the community to address pressing issues related to crime, neighborhood improvement and civic engagement. She also served as a member of the Board of Directors of Delaware and Lehigh National Heritage Corridor, Inc.

Carr has an M.A. in Environmental Policy Design from Lehigh University. Before that she studied at Pennsylvania State University, where she was Editor-in-Chief, The Daily Collegian, and graduated from Moravian College.