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Easton Hotel Restoration

Easton Hotel Restoration: dedicated to saving a building, saving a town
and saving the land that sustains them both…

Easton Hotel Restoration LLC was established to aid in sustainable urban renewal in the city of Easton Pennsylvania, primarily by revitalizing one of its largest and most central structures. The object of attention was the historic Hotel Easton, a ten story edifice that towers over the town and was the center of life there for most of the 20th century, but lay abandoned and in ruins when Easton Hotel Restoration stepped in.

Rescuing that urban asset required a major commitment of resources as well as determination in the face of repeated physical, economic and other challenges. It also required strong leadership, continuing assistance from EHR’s nonprofit parent, and a dedicated community. Eventually, however, Easton Hotel Restoration was able to bring the building back to life. Today, it is once again the pride of the city and the center of community life, a popular hotel with more than three-dozen units and a banquet area that hosts countless business and community events.

The success of this landmark renovation project ushered in an era of new vitality in Easton, which was transformed in the same period from a federally recognized distress zone to a city with an A+ bond rating. An historic city with a rich past, Easton has now become once more a dynamic center of growth and innovation, with an escalating number of new residential and commercial renovations, a wildly successful farmer’s market, a growing artist community, and a wonderful new science center dedicated to addressing environmental issues. As the city planner said, “we feel very blessed in Easton, and it all started with this project.”