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Jane Kheel Stanley

Jane Kheel Stanley, President of Easton Hotel Restoration, is an attorney with over thirty years of legal and financial experience, who has in recent years dedicated most of her time to the service of several non-profits. Stanley first became involved with Easton Hotel Restoration in 2007 shortly after she joined the board and became an officer of the Nurture Nature Foundation, its parent. She was appointed as President of EHR the following year and has held that position since. At the time she assumed presidency of the company, the 2004-2006 renovation of the building had been completed and a condominium had been established, but the project was dealing with staggering costs and an uncertain future. She was the leading voice in support of converting EHR’s units for hotel use as a solution to the building’s problems, and she was instrumental in obtaining the necessary support of Nurture Nature Foundation’s board for this purpose. Stanley was also the primary intermediary between the parent company and the private condominium owners in connection with the conversion and eventually won the unanimous support of them all in an agreement signed in June 2008. Stanley later played a key role in drafting the legal documentation that converted the condominium complex to its current configuration and has since devoted a great deal of effort to ensuring that the building is financially stable, well run, and an asset to the community it belongs to. In addition to her position as President of EHR, Stanley serves as a member of the executive board and president of the Eastonian Condominium Association, and continues to be a principal liaison between EHR and the private condominium owners. Stanley donates the time she spends on EHR and related work, as she does for the various nonprofits she is involved with.

Prior to devoting herself to nonprofit work, Stanley was employed as a consultant for the American Bar Association on a renowned legal treatise and served for over a decade in the Solicitor’s Office at the United States Department of Labor. Stanley is a Fulbright Scholar, and an honors graduate of Columbia Law School and Harvard University and is admitted to the multiple federal and state bars. For her work at the U.S. Department of Labor, Stanley was awarded the Department of Labor Distinguished Achievement Award on three separate occasions as well as the Solicitor of Labor’s Special Achievement Award.