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Easton Hotel Restoration, LLC is wholly owned by the Nurture Nature Foundation, a nonprofit qualified under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code that is dedicated to sustainable development. The officers of EHR are appointed by and serve at the pleasure of its nonprofit parent.

The company’s current officers are:

Jane Kheel Stanley, President
Lorie Thomas, Chief Financial Officer
Rachel Hogan Carr, Secretary

Easton Hotel Restoration’s sole asset consists of property it owns at 140 Northampton Street in Easton Pennsylvania, including the hotel that it operates there called the Grand Eastonian Suites Hotel. A hotel management company named Marshall Hotel & Resorts Inc. helps manage the property.

The on site manager of the hotel is:

Russell Ackerman

The property Easton Hotel Restoration owns at 140 Northampton Street belongs to a condominium that includes primarily the hotel, but also six private residential units and a commercial unit that houses a restaurant. EHR manages the common areas of the condominium pursuant to an agreement with the Condominium Association. The executive directors of the Condominium Association are:

Jane Kheel Stanley
Lorie Thomas
Robert J. Kheel