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November 2016 – Reporter Fred Jerant interviews Jane Kheel Stanley, president of Easton Hotel Restoration, about the  hotel and its history, for Lehigh Valley Market Place.
Lehigh Valley Market Place: Grand Eastonian

February 28, 2014 – The Morning Call tells the story behind the building, from its opening in 1927 to its bankruptcy in 1990 and its eventual rise again as the Grand Eastonian Suites Hotel.
The Morning Call: Grand Eastonian to break even for the first time

May 20, 2014  – A creative studio shop selling handmade goods, one of several stores in the lower level of The Grand Eastonian Suites Hotel, is filmed by MSNBC.
The Morning Call: Easton’s Mercantile Home to be filmed for MSNBC Show

June 12, 2013 – The Grand Eastonian Suites Hotel wins the Lehigh Valley Outstanding Small Business Award.
Interview of Grand Eastonian’s General Manager on the occasion of the Chamber of Commerce’s award dinner

October 20, 2011 – Mikhail Gorbachev is photographed by Lehigh Valley Live at the Grand Eastonian Suites Hotel where he stayed as a guest during a speaking engagement at Lafayette College.
Lehigh Valley Live: Mikhail Gorbechev Leaves Easton – Photo Gallery

January 14, 2011 –  Mayor Salvatore Panto of Easton, Jane Kheel Stanley and others were interviewed by Amy Burkett of Tempo in Depth on PBS Channel 39 about the story and history of the Grand Eastonian Suites Hotel. Click here to watch video »

October 16, 2008 – The “landmark” opening of the Grand Eastonian Suites Hotel in the former Hotel Easton is announced by the Express Times.
Lehigh Valley Live: Easton Landmark Reopening as Grand Eastonian Suites Hotel for Short- and Long-term Stays

October 18, 2008: The conversion of the Eastonian Condominiums to the Grand Eastonian Suites Hotel is discussed by the Express Times.
Lehigh Valley Live: Eastonian Condos Making Transition to Hotel Suites