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Nature Nuture Foundation and The City of Easton Announce The Opening of The Grand Eastonian Suites Hotel

Hotel Renaissance Highlights Importance of Urban Renewal
As a Pillar of Sustainable Economic Development

EASTON, PA – October 15, 2008 – Today, the Nurture Nature Foundation and the City of Easton announced the reopening of the historic landmark Hotel Easton as the Grand Eastonian Suites Hotel. After decades of neglect, today the new hotel welcomes guests and visitors to the area, while reinforcing the importance of urban renewal and city living as the centerpiece of sustainable development.

“Today is a grand day for Easton as we celebrate the new birth of our community’s most storied landmark,” said Salvatore J. Panto, mayor of Easton. “The city, working with the Nurture Nature Foundation, has truly illustrated the impact that a public-private partnership can have in community revitalization. Looking to the future, the Grand Eastonian Suites Hotel will serve as a model for responsible urban renewal throughout the state.”

The Easton Hotel served as the anchor of the Easton community for over 80 years, and hosted luminaries including Eleanor Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy, Jesse Jackson and even Tiny Tim. As a result of regional economic decline, the hotel was shuttered in the 1980’s and the local jewel fell into disrepair.In response to requests from local officials, Nurture Nature Foundation purchased the building through Easton Hotel Restoration, a company it formed for that purpose in 2000 as part of a strategy to revitalize the entire district. Today the new hotel welcomes guests and visitors to the area, while reinforcing the importance of urban renewal and city living as the centerpiece of sustainable development.

“Environmentalists talk frequently about the importance of recycling and today we show the value of recycling a building,” said Theodore W. Kheel, founder of the Nurture Nature Foundation. “From the inception of this project, the Nurture Nature Foundation has been committed to restoring the hope and promise that the Hotel Easton once represented for this community. We are proud to play a part in the renaissance of this beautiful place and we look forward to actively participating in this community for many years to come.”

The Hotel Easton was designed in the 1920’s to mirror the splendor of modern metropolitan hotels in nearby New York City and Philadelphia. Today the Grand Eastonian Suites Hotel celebrates that spirit of sophistication with luxury accommodations and amenities for the discriminating traveler. Designed as an extended stay hotel, guests can enjoy 1, 2 & 3 bedroom suites, 24-hour concierge service, pool and fitness center throughout their stay.

“The Grand Eastonian Suites Hotel reminds us of the importance of embracing city living as a means of preserving our communities and protecting our natural environment,” said Thomas Hylton, author of Save Our Lands, Save Our Towns. “Instead of abandoning our wonderful cities to invest suburban sprawl, we should instead protect our rural areas for the generations to come and continue to enjoy beautiful cities like Easton and others throughout Pennsylvania.”

The Grand Eastonian Suites Hotel preserves all the historic landmarked architecture, while updating the interior with modern appointments and amenities. However, the spirit of the sustainable stay extends far beyond guest accommodations. All hotel profits will be reinvested by the Nurture Nature Foundation back into the hotel’s operation.

The building adheres closely to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Keystone Principles for Growth, Investment and Resource Conservation, specific criteria developed to foster sustainable economic development in Pennsylvania’s diverse communities.

The hotel grand re-opening will occur on October 15 in a ceremony attended by the developers, local elected officials, community representatives and leaders in the area of environmental conservation and responsible economic development.